Privacy Terms
Terms and Conditions for Vehicle Sales
Private (Non Car Dealers)
  • To purchase a vehicle the following details are required:
    1. Full name.
    2. Drivers license number
    3. Current address
    4. Current phone number

  • Should you not wish to be contacted by Valley Motor Auctions for any of the reasons listed below, please advise staff when purchasing vehilce.

  • Personal Information is collected for the following purposes:
    • As required by law.
    • To allow the company to obtain feedback on it’s internal processes
    • To ensure our customers are aware of all of the other services available.
    • To ensure that where possible, the company is able to satisfy the purchasing requirements of our customers.

  • Your actual drivers licence number will be maintained on our database as a means of identification only. Your drivers licence number will be subject to internal systems security and will only be released to meet statutory requirements upon you purchasing a vehicle.

  • All personal information collected is only for the use of the Company and it is understood that it may be disclosed to another company within Valley Motor Auctions, but at no time will personal information be disclosed to an external party without your written consent.

  • Upon request, Valley Motor Auctions will provide you with a copy of the information it holds on you.

  • By registering, you are acknowledging acceptance the above Terms and Conditions.